Various FAQs on NHC Manufacturing EPS Panels

1. What is EPS?

EPS stands for Expanded Polystyrene

2. What are EPS Panels?

The EPS Panels are single piece factory engineered units comprising of two metal wires bonded to a fully insulating EPS Core.

3. Why Use EPS Panels? Benefits

The Panels acts compositely when under load, in most cases providing free standing (partitioning walls) and load bearing capabilities.

4. What types of Panels are available?

  1. Single panels which can do up to 4 storey building.
  2. Double panels which can do up to 20 storey building.
  3. Floor panels for doing slabs for a maximum of 6m span.
  4. Greater spans and heights can be achieved while combined with a frame structure.

5. What is the cost of the panels? And in what range are they available?

Available in standard sizes of which the height will be determined by the height requirement of your building. a) External walling single panels of 1.2m width in thickness of 80mm. However customization may be availed depending on customer’s requirements

6. How can I get the panels?

The customer may place orders for specific numbers and sizes. Where uncertain you are advised to email to us your architectural drawings (in dwg file format). We will then advise on the quantities, sizes and cost. Payments – you will be advised on how to make the payments. Goods may be collected 3 working days after confirmation of receipt of payments.

7. How do I get the EPS Panels to my site?

The panels are light but bulky. Customers are advised to arrange for suitable transport to move the goods to their desired destinations.

8. Will you offer redesign services?

We offer some redesign services depending on the complexity of the building.

9. Do the panels require any specialized installers and if so will you be offering training?

The level of specialization is minimal. Any competent ordinary mason can quickly adapt to the technology. We have a database of competent fundis and contractors who are skilled on installation. We continue to empower more to offer services at any part of the country.

10. How will the professionals (Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors) adopt the technology?

We have our own in-house team, however we also outsource work to professionals expressing interest in the technology.

11. How are the services (plumbing and electrical) installed into the walling?

Always use a Hot torch / gun to create the channels for conduits and plumbing.

12. Do the panels have any design limitations that an architect or engineer need to be aware about?

Yes, Quality of plaster should be class 20 and above / strength of plaster. Quality of wire - galvanized and at diameter 3.00mm minimum (Minimum thickness of 35mm thickness of shortcrete)

13. Have the panels been used in the country?

The panels have been used in this country for the last 20 years now. The first project was done at the KHIBIT offices industrial area Nairobi in the year 1996, the Baronzi Estate, a gated community at Muthaiga North - Nairobi was constructed in the year 2000, the new expansion wing of silver spring hotel Nairobi was put up in the year 2000. NHC has managed to have multi-storey commercial building in various parts of the country ( opp TRM Mall at Thika road, Nakuru, Luxury apartments for sale at Kanduyi area – Bungoma county, Luxury apartments for sale opposite Nazarene University, Rongai – Nairobi, a gated community in Kisumu) schools projects, offices, Go-downs in various parts of the country, residential homes in Karen, Muthaiga North etc.

14. Where do I view a sample house?

Please contact us to arrange for viewing of some of the developments which have been put up using this technology. Contact us through:- NHC House, Aga Khan Walk, Tel: 020 2188286/33 Email:

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