Investment Opportunities in Housing Development: Partnering With NHC

National Housing Corporation, as the principal implementing agency of the Government housing policy, has put in place a framework of facilitating interested corporate entities to help realize the current objective of building 150,000 units per year. The Corporation invites those who have the resources, to get in touch and explore the opportunities of collaborating housing development. These engagements can be in the form of Joint Venture (JV) Partnerships, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) or through the Provision of Consultancy Services in Built Environment. Examples of these engagements are listed below.

  1. NHC facilitates acquisition of land suitable for housing development while the partner mobilizes financial resources.
  2. Partners bring into Kenya cost effective housing construction technology for NHC projects.
  3. NHC provides technical know-how/consultancy in housing development and partner provides finance
  4. Partners brings into Kenya housing development finance which NHC manages for tenant purchase housing
  5. NHC can develop houses for groups with specifications provided. This is geared towards Kenyans in Diaspora as NHC can package and deliver a housing scheme of not less than 30 units.

In order to accrue benefits of economies of scale, NHC shall only consider collaborating on housing projects with a minimum land size of 5 acres preferably located in urban/peri-urban centers. Interested persons/institutions are asked to first submit short written proposals showing the kind of partnership they envisage and a description of the resources they wish to bring to the collaboration.

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NHC Public Private Partnership Document

NHC Consultancy Services Requirements & Implementation Matrix